The No-Vase Blues

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I was so excited when the Bouqs got in touch with me to try out their beautiful flowers. Real, fresh flowers, for ME?! Yes, please. I browsed around for such a long time on their website (it's so hard to pick just one kind) and decided on SUNFIRE: beautiful roses in reds, oranges and pinks. All those colors are represented in my colorful Christmas decor this year, so I thought they'd add a nice balance.

The day they arrived in the mail,, they were perfectly packaged up in a cute box. The simple directions to follow afterwards were: remove from box, trim stems in water, mix water and flower-food and sit in vase....OH NO. A vase?! I don't have one. I've never had registry fail, am I right?

So, I have a bundle of the most beautifully-colored roses and no where to put them. Quite the pickle, wouldn't you say? As I was trimming them down a bit and giving them a wash, I had a light-bulb moment. The pickle jars! I absolutely love pickles and last week I just washed out and cleaned all the old pickle jars. Boom. Vase.

I took the biggest one I had, rinsed it out once more, added new water and flower-food, then started placing in my new flowers. I didn't think it exactly gave the I'm-a-pickle-jar vibe, but it sure wasn't exactly what I wanted. So, I decided to dress up my jar a bit. Finding things around the house, I wrapped it in baking twine, a scarf-headband and some glittery pipe-cleaners. Doing this, you could actually host a number of different holiday par-tays and have a different look each and every time.

It may still be a pickle jar, but I loved the way I figured out how to dress it up. Christmas garland and bows may be it's next "clothing." But anyway, with the size and color of those flowers, no one is really looking anywhere else!

Now, imagine yourself walking into your holiday or family Christmas party with one of these beautiful bouquets instead of stale chocolate-covered pretzels? I think you'll make the best of impressions.

Remember, orders take six days to ship, so add it to your to-do-list now and get started.

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