The 2014 IKEA Catalog Is (almost) In My Hands

I basically have 3 favorite times of the year: 1. Christmas 2. Football Season 3. IKEA Catalog Release. We're halfway to Christmas, high school boys across the country are about to start wearing their cleats in a couple weeks and THE 2014 IKEA CATALOG IS HERE

I know most things in the new catalog won't be brand new to me, since I try to browse around there at least every other week (perks of living 15 minutes from one), but that doesn't make it any less exciting. I recently realized that I have the wrong mailing address on file for my catalog (gasp!). I typed as fast as my little fingers could go. From what I'm seeing on instagram, catalogs have already started rolling out into mailboxes. I hope mine gets here soon!

I'm trying to hold off on looking at the web version, which is now available online. There's something very sweet about flipping all 328 beautiful pages with your own fingertips, so I'm holding out for that. 

Get your own catalog in the mail soon by signing up with them online or go ahead and flip through the web version on your computer, phone or tablet. Judging by the cover, I'm expecting a lot of beautiful colors!
I'm telling you guys, if I ever move away from Dallas, I'll probably judge cities by how far away they are from an IKEA. I don't think I could be more than a couple hours from my beloved blue warehouse.