Let The Oscar Countdown Begin

Illustrations by Nan Lawson

We have a little less than one week until the most glamourous red carpet of the year: the Academy Awards. I'm usually terrible about having any knowledge about most of the movies bein awarded. I usually just pretend I know anything! However, I vowed this year to do a little better about that. I still have a lot to see (and only 6 days) but I'm already ahead of where I usually am! I'm about to be a movie-watching machine. Here are the nominees for best picture. I've checked the ones I've seen and noted where you can see & buy them.

☐ Amour - In theaters. DVD releases April 2013

☐ Argo - In theaters. DVD releases tomorrow

✓ Beasts of the Southern Wild - At REDBOX. DVD released December 2012

✓ Django Unchained - In theaters. DVD releases April 2013

✓ Les Misérables - In theaters. DVD releases March 22, 2013

☐ Life of Pi - In theaters. DVD releases March 12, 2013

☐ Lincoln - In theaters. DVD releases March 2013

☐ Silver Linings Playbook - In theaters. DVD releases March 2013

I'm planning an Oscar soiree for next Sunday, so there will be various posts this week as I do some party-planning. 
I promise next Sunday there will be glitter and sparkle and lots of food, so stayed tuned!

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