Our Mean Green Christmas Tree

I've owned a smaller 6-foot black artificial tree for a few years now. It feels a little too small in the living room, but it's perfect for our bedroom. Last year it was covered in all-silver decorations and ornaments. After 2012's Christmas, I found some beautiful green ornaments at Hobby Lobby (on super-clearance) and bought enough to cover the tree, this year. So, it is the year of the first-annual University of North Texas Mean Green Tree. 

Browsing around online a few weeks ago, I saw that the

UNT Alumni Association sells ornaments

every year. The proceeds from the purchase help sponsor scholarships for students. I wanted to buy them all, of course, but settled on just 2011 for now. That year, my husband and I both got our bachelors degrees and it was the first football season in the new stadium. 

I really miss being apart of the college life, 

so I'm definitely enjoying this little spirited reminder of the great times I spent in Denton.