Skipping Thanksgiving

There's two types of vocal people this time of year - 1. Ones who are singing Christmas carols as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Halloween night. 2. Ones who ban all jingle bells and Christmas activity until Black Friday or beyond. 


I don't care if you're in the second group. More power to you for being so patient. However, I am basically Buddy the Elf and I will always decorate my home for Santa as soon as the first weekend in November arrives. Some people think that's crazy, too early, ruining Thanksgiving. Well, here's some reasons I don't mind "skipping Thanksgiving:"

1. I don't actually "skip" Thanksgiving. I'll sit around at my grandmas with my family, stuffing my face with turkey and watching some exciting football games. I'll even be extra thankful this month. Promise. 

2. Reds and browns and burnt oranges are just not my favorite colors and I don't want my home decorated with them. Are those colors beautiful on fall leaves? Yes. My favorite leaves are found in the fall. For sprucing up my home? Not if I have anything to do with it!

3. Snowmen are cute. Santa is cute. Reindeer are cute. Baby Jesus is even cute. Turkeys? Oh, my. Turkeys are the silliest looking things I've ever seen. I don't want any figurine I own to have a red "snood" hanging from its neck. Yuck!

4. Christmas lights are just plain beautiful. I'd have my little trees up year-round, but people would think I've even weirder than I already am. Getting an extra month out of it is the least I can do for myself. 

5. Peppermint trumps pumpkin all-day every day. I've already had a Peppermint Mocha this week and I have not one regret. Keep on sipping your PSL and I'll be over here enjoying some Christmas deliciousness and having a candy cane or two. 

6. I'm totally getting a jump on my Christmas shopping. Once the tree is up and it's all bare and sad underneath, I realize that I really need to start Amazon-ing it up. More gifts to wrap now, less stress in December. 

7. I do not host Thanksgiving. No one will see my home on or around Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, there may not be anyone visiting this entire one is forced to see my crazy Christmas ways. 

8. Christmas has fun music. Christmas has cheesy-awesome original movies on all the best cable channels. These things bring me joy and I will not deprive myself of them for another month. 

My sister and I are both already enjoying our Christmas-filled homes and I know we're not the only ones. Let me know if you're in the Christmas-in-November club too. Us crazies have to stick together!