Sending College Smiles

I remember how exciting it was to finally receive something in the mail at a new, strange address when I moved away to college. When you're surrounded by people you don't really know, in a small little dorm room, and stressing about having to actually read a textbook, any signs of familiarity are awesome! 

My mother-in-heart posted our sweet Jaci's new college address on Facebook not too long ago and my sister Bethany and I set out to send her some goodies to celebrate her first week of classes. 

We headed to Target and picked up some great finds in The Dollar Spot section at the front of the store. They had really cute things like a "Study Break" eye mask, bracelets (that also duel as writing pens) and a HELLO My Name Is dry erase board. We found a cute little greeting card and picked up Seventeen and Teen Vogue magazines too. In the mailing|packaging section, we saw this pink and green chevron print package envelope, which was perfect. It's a surprise burst of color, perfect for a college Freshman. 

You don't have to spend a whole lot to make a special college student in your life have a really great day! Get their address and be proactive about sending little things their way, especially during the transition of the first semester.

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