Our Wedding: Weekend

As every wedding weekend should happen, we started the celebrations 3 days before I walked down the aisle. I hadn't lived near my closest girl friends in months, so it was even more special to hang out with them for a few days!


We saw the last of the Twilight movies at midnight, when it premiered. We waited in line for a while, but we also had plenty of food and drinks to keep us occupied as we waited (thank goodness for the Movie Tavern). 


We moved into our hotel rooms. And I say "move" because we had QUITE a few things with us (wedding junk, clothes galore, makeup, etc). Most of my friends lived less than an hour from the wedding venue, but I'm still so glad we chose a hotel instead of one of our apartments. It made the weekend feel more like a vacation and we'd never all been on one of those together before!

If you've never been to a sleepover with 20-something ladies, you should know: it will be junk food heaven. We found a market not too far from the hotel and loaded up! The Hostess had just died that morning thanks to some union-troubles, so I found, bought & ate the last box of their product I could find on the shelves: mini muffins (I wanted Twinkies, of course...but those were gone). 


Instead of having bachelorette/bachelor parties individually, we all met up for a fun evening at Main Event. We bowled, played pool and (us girls) dominated in laser tag...okay, so we did have one more person on our team than everyone else, but facts are facts: we won! 

Later that night when we went back to our hotel, my sister had a surprise lingerie shower set up. We had even more junk food (including Oreos!) and I had plenty of gifts to open. We had so much fun chatting and laughing. Eventually we decided to get some sleep since that whole wedding-thing was the next day! 

Some of these girls I've known since they were born and the rest I met at Victory Hall back in the early days of college. I couldn't have wished for a better group of ladies to spend my last single days with. Every bride needs one best friend to spend her most special moments with...I'm just lucky enough to have had six of them! Love you all!