Bridal Yellow Cardigans

As my wedding planning continues, I've recently fallen in love with cardigans for weddings. Since it's starting to hit in the triple-digit-temperatures this weekend in Texas (yuck), just thinking about a sweater or cardigan could make you sweat. However, my wedding will be in November and hopefully (crosses-fingers) the Southern sun won't be so unbearable by then!

I decided long ago that my bridesmaids would be wearing gray cardigans over their dresses. I feel it brings a more casual and laid-back feel to the whole event. The more I've been pinning though, I've seen several pictures of brides in cardigans too. This makes me happy and excited! Maybe not for the ceremony, but perhaps for the first-look photos. Anyway, I'm definitely on the lookout for a bridal yellow cardigan of my own.

Check out these beautiful brides (and their weddings) so you'll fall in love with the bridal cardigan trend too: