27th Birthday Wish List

When you're nearing your thirties, birthday wish lists are nothing more than "things I hope to buy myself in the next couple months." Which is fine by me! Here's my random selection of things I've been eyeing lately and will probably 'add to cart' soon. Thank you, ucpoming birthday excuse!

  • Aromatherapy Jar Candle - All my candles around my apartment are nearing the end of their short lives. These large candles from Target have some of my favorite scents, especially the "Choose Happiness." 
  • Mr. Kate Beauty Marks - I steer clear of the sun a lot more than I used to. I miss my face freckles, though! These metallic ones will be perfect for some of my summer vacations. 
  • The Complete Poetry of Maya Angelou - I want to read more and I'd love to dive into all of Maya Angelou's writings, especially some that I haven't seen before. 
  • Handy Dandy Hand Strap - I rarely ever use a large neck strap on my camera, but I think I'd enjoy having some sort of safety net if I nearly drop it! This small leather one is perfect for my day-to-day shots at work. 
  • Rolling Craft Tote + Machine Tote - I don't know if I actually NEED this more than it is just beautiful. I do bring my Cricut machine to my hometown or my grandma's house when I travel there, so it would be nice to have something safe for it to travel in. Plus, SO pretty! 
  • Toothy Tabs: Dental Dynamite - Yes, I did put some toothpaste on my wish list. Mainly because it takes me long periods of time to build myself up to walk into a mall, where Lush is. I love their tooth powder, so I really want to try these tabs!
  • TONYMOLY I'm Real Mask Sheet - Really, absolutely any sheet mask will do! I'm all about these now. A little mini spa oasis for my face!
  • Toffee Suede Womens Harper Platform Wedges - I have a plan to slowly replace all my current shoes with the TOMS versions. Step one may bet getting this pair for working this summer. I barely have any kind of sandals at all, so this would be a good start. 
  • Work It Out Gym Bag - If there was ever an exercise bag that I related to on a deeply personal level, it's this one. Pizza, please. 

Rent The Graduation Dress

So many friends and family on my timeline are getting ready for a graduation and all the parties, pictures and memories that comes with it! With all the dresses you need to get, I'd encourage you to browse around Rent the Runway to snag your favorite dress for your big walk across the stage. That way, you can ship it back once you're done and it doesn't take up valuable space in your closet (especially if you're moving into a dorm next fall).

Use my referral link and get $30 off your first RTR rental.

I know white dresses are the tradition for a May/June graduation, but you may want to squeeze in one last excuse to rock your school colors! Here's a few of my favorite Rent The Runway options you can rent for less than $80: 

ERIN erin fetherston | Blanca Daffodil Dress | $35 rental


Laundry by Shelli Segal | Cobalt Manhattan Mod Shift | $50 rental


allison parris | Clear Vision Dress | $60 – $75 rental


ML Monique Lhuillier | Red Mark Dress | $75 rental


Lilly Pulitzer | Bianca Flores Dress | $35 – $55 rental


Cut 25 | Brush of Burgundy Dress | $65 rental


Cinq à Sept | White Lyla Dress | $60 rental


Shoshanna | Fielding Flowers Dress | $50 rental


Theia | Ivory and Gold Party Dress | $70 – $90 rental


Through Rent The Runway, you get to choose two sizes (in case one doesn't fit) and you don't have to worry about dry cleaning them afterwards. Plus, it doesn't have to go into the depths of your closet and waste away gathering dust. Keep that closet minimal, friends!

Use my referral link and get $30 off your first RTR rental.

Wrap Up | Week 18

Wrapping up the week with photos, inspiration
and fun things from my own life and around the web.




I've loved Chris Pratt since he was goofing around on Parks and Rec, as Andy, back in 2009. Browsing his Instagram lately has made me fall in love all over again. It is truly just a good place on the internet. He's so sweet to his wife, his kiddo and the many sick children he visits. We need more Chris Pratts in the world. 

Follow him!


My favorite little shoe company is now 11 years old. They have so many cute new styles right now for summer. I already have a plan to replace all my current shoes with TOMS as soon as they're too worn to wear anymore. Totally obsessed with the fun patterns right now. 

See all the new styles here


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