2017-NOW | Our First House

After some heartbreaks and frustrations, we took the dive and bought our first house in the North Texas suburbs in the summer of 2017. The new-to-us home was built in the 80's and has a pool.

Having a place that's REALLY ours with paintable walls and endless possibilities is a new thing to navigate, but we're definitely excited to take on the challenge. 

2014-2017 | Our SECOND APARTMENT

In our second home as married people, we got our first glimpse of life without stairs: a first-floor apartment that we loved. It had a lot more more room than our first, a pretty little white brick fireplace and a nice backyard patio with a pool-view.

2015-2016 | Family House Flip

When my sister and her husband moved back to my hometown in 2015, my parents bought a home and flipped it for the newlyweds to rent. My dad has been known to do things like this before (laundromat, 60's VW beetle, 70's RV, newer home, etc.), but this is definitely one of the biggest projects  yet and it was all done in just about a month.


Getting married and moving into together is fun and weird and scary and awesome. Our first little home together was around 700-square feet with lovely apartment beige walls. Lots of creativity went into this first round of married living. 

2010-2012 | My College Apartment

While attending UNT, some of my best friends and I lived in an outrageously overpriced fully-furnished third-floor apartment that we lovingly named "The Blue Light." Not a lot of money or decorating ability went into our place, but we sure tried where we could.