Will you take my/my family’s picture?

I’d absolutely love to, but please know my photo sessions are super limited. Send me an email through my contact page and we'll see if we can schedule a session!

What camera(s) do you use?

Most of my blog shots are taken with my Nikon D610 (with a 50mm 1.4 lens) or Canon G7X mark ii. Anything taken before 2014 was on a Nikon D40. Of course, there’s lots and lots of iPhone shots all over the blog. 

Do you offer blog design services?

Unfortunately, I cannot commit to designing any more blogs. Squarespace has really gotten me out of blog designing and coding habits, which has been time-saving. I highly recommend using their templates for your blog and websites. 

What do you do for a living?

I work in the communications department at a local school district. I'm so happy to have found a job that joins my personal passions (social media, photography, design) with public education (which I also love and support). 

Occasionally, you can find me helping out with my friends at Celebrate Colorfully (trendy, handmade, Dallas wedding planning and floral services).

Do you make money from this blog?

The answers are 1. Sometimes. 2 A little bit. You can visit my disclosure page to read more about it. Sponsorships, advertisements and affiliations will always be denoted. 

How long have you been blogging?
I blogged a trip to NYC on July 25, 2011 and for the rest of that year I sporadically used the blog for class assignments and random "diary" type entries. Once I graduated, I really started figuring things out here in blog land and got a little more consistent with it. 

You live in Dallas! What should I do while I’m in Dallas?

You can see what some of the things I’ve been doing in Dallas by browsing through these posts. It’s a cool city to visit! Hit me up if you have a specific question about the time you’ll be here.

How did you and your husband meet?

We became friends in 2008 in our college dorm’s lobby. Basically, he needed some change to finish his laundry and I happened to have just the right amount. You can read more on that story here.

Where did you get married?

We said, "We do," in 2012 at a venue called Lofty Spaces in Dallas. You can see all the details about our wedding here. (and check out how how he proposed too).

He’s Black. You’re White.

We know that racial challenges still exist in our country and we are not naive to them. While I used to believe being 'colorblind' was how the world could heal itself, I now understand that unique racial differences should be embraced, appreciated and acknowledged. That is a better road to healing. We can all be racially different, yet also be on the same page. Be a part of mending, constructive and understanding conversations.

Do you have kids/dogs/cats/fish/plants?

Nope. Someday, we'd love to start our family by looking to adopt first. I don’t have any pets and I never really had any growing up. As for plants, I keep really nice fake ones around our home. Does that count? 

Where did you get [this item] on [this blog post]?

I try hard to post where things are from in each blog post I make. If I’ve missed one, just leave me a comment on the particular blog post and I’ll do my best to get back with you!