Coffee Shakin'

I don't exactly drink coffee for the caffeine effects. I don't even know that it gives me any more energy at all. I really just like the taste of it. Or maybe I like the taste of half and half and sweetening with a touch of coffee? Either way, I'm a fan of the flavor. All the coffees every single day, please!

That's why I had to go to Whataburger and try out the new coffee shake just as soon as it was announced. Ice cream? Milk? Coffee? Drive thru? I'm in!


First of all, if you've never had a Whataburger shake, I'm sorry. Second, they are handspun, super thick and the MOST delicious. The standard flavors are Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. Coach always gets a large and won't even share one sip with me. It's that good!

The new coffee shake totally lives up to that hype as well. Occasionally, I have poured a little coffee on top of vanilla ice cream at home...that's what this is exactly like (I mean, I guess that is probably the ingredients, but with the special magic of the Whataburger handspin). So, basically it's what I've attempted to create before, but nothing I've achieved on my own. 

Basically, if you love coffee (or half and half) and you love ice cream (is this even a real question), you'll probably enjoy this new treat from Whataburger as much as I do.


PS: Does this mean we can get away with drinking a delicious milkshake at 9 a.m. in the morning? Because...I mean, it IS coffee afterall!