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NY | SoHo and CB2

One morning of my recent trip to New York, Crystal took me down to Canal Street. Much to her disappointment, it was SO not my thing. I didn't really want any souvenirs and I have no need for "designer" purses or perfumes. It was definitely a site though! Glad I got to see what it's all about. 

While we were there, we were pretty close to a Starbucks (well, isn't everywhere in NY near one?), so we walked a little further into SoHo and met Pam as she was on her way back from work. We enjoyed coffee and a few laughs as we sat on a bicycle bench near the edge of the street. 

While we were walking down the street, I saw the little orange circles: C - B - 2. While my friends had no idea what that was, or why it brought me so much excitement, I went right in to explore. There's only CB2 online shopping for us Dallas folks, so I was so pumped to see everything live, in-person. If only I hadn't had to FLY back home. I probably would have bought all kinds of cute home decor!

What home decor store do you get giddy over?

CB2 is definitely one of mine!

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Surprise BirthdayTrip

Surprise BirthdayTrip