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The Big Game Necessities

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Today's the big day, football fans! While I'm still a little bitter about my poor Dallas Cowboys not playing today (it was a catch....dumb rules), I'm still excited for my favorite day of the year. Football, commercials and pop culture all in one event? Yes, please! Here's all the things I need to get ready for my favorite television event of the year:

1. Big Screen TV* - If you don't have anything else, you have to have this!

2. iPad Mini - This is my retweet machine for the night. When you're following so many hashtags and fun stuff, you need more than one device!

3. Macbook Pro* - This is where I'll compose my own tweets. Seems silly to have two devices just for Twitter, but yes, I have got my methods down.

4. Coke Zero* - It's my favorite drink. Goes perfectly with football.

5. Takis - My all-time favorite chips since my roommate introduced them to me a few years ago. Burns my mouth off, but too good to stop.

6. Spiral Notebook* - So, I may take notes. Don't judge! I write down my favorite commercials, plays, moments, Katy Perry antics, etc.

7. Yummy Pizza - Pizza Hut is just a few blocks away from us, so we'll definitely be contributing to their big profits. 

Have a SUPER Sunday!

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DIY Backdrop: Flagging Tape

DIY Backdrop: Flagging Tape