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Favorite Looks from the Golden Globes

Awards season is here yet again, with the Golden Globes last night. Since I'm no fashionista I just wanted to give you my favorite styles of the night, without too much commentary! Reds on the red carpet (done right) always become an instant favorite of mine; anything that sparkles I'm all about; pulling off bright colors in the winter can get a high-five from me; black and classic is always a way to go; and couples that show up happy and styling are fun to see, don't you think?

Picking a favorite, I'd have to go with Kate Beckinsale's sparkly number. It's kind of formal, but not so much that it feels like the Oscars. I think this entire style is something I could see myself wearing and that's why I love it so much: big top bun, sparkly top with flowy bottom (Elie Saab) and black nails.

What was your favorite look from the Globes?
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