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A Boyd Family Christmas

Our family Christmas season officially kicked off this weekend! On Sunday, we had our annual Boyd Christmas in East Texas at my aunt and uncle's beautiful home. This is probably the earliest in December we've ever had it, but that's just the way the dates worked out this year. 

The day began with our yearly photo shoot. It used to be a Thanksgiving tradition, now it's a little bit of whenever we can squeeze it in! I'll be sharing some of the family portraits later this week, but I had to go ahead and add this one with all the grandkids and our Gran. 

It was my sister's husband's (Jon) first year to join us and I bet he was a little surprised by some of our gifts. We never know what we're going to get....but, even if it is dried green beans, beet chips or pickled eggs (seriously, all of those), we have so much fun opening them! 

Please keep your eyes on my Dad's (white sweater) face as the men all try the Pickled Eggs. Let's just say those definitely aren't his new favorite snack! I could watch this 30 times and still laugh!

Little Lucy probably just thinks we're all crazy each year...which is kind of true!

Merry Christmas from the Boyd family. 

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