Fall Basics

For some reason, in the past few years, the title of "basic" has been given to those of us who love all-things fall. Call it what you will, I'll own up the basic-ness because I was totally a fall-lover before it was cool...and then, uncool...

Here's some reasons I'm not jumping on the autumn band wagon...I've been on that wagon, long before there was social media y'all:

- Pumpkin Spice isn't appealing because it's trendy, or healthy (have you SEEN those horrible ingredients?). It's appealing because it tastes good. Plus, it's not sold year-round, so it's rare and amazing. What started out as just a delicious drink (my fav is at McCafe), has morphed into everything, including Oreos. And, yes, you need some in your life. 

- Fall is warm, but cool...which makes it cozy. You have to love 70-degree days with breezes, where sweaters can be worn. Not too sweaty. Not too freezing. (still waiting on this weather in Texas... maybe by mid-October?). 

- My hair is as many shades of red and orange as the trees are about to be, so I'm pretty much at one with nature during these few months. 

- Taylor Swift releases an album like every fall. The girl's songs are catchy and you will be singing at least one (if not the entire album) some time this year on a road trip. 

- Football has been my entire life because my dad was a coach since before I was born. I've probably been in more field houses than most guys. I know what a running back does, when a play is botched, and when a coach immediately regrets his decision. Football is running in my veins. 

- Scarves are the best I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-outfit-fixer. You can wear that same black dress 3 times in one week, but change up the scarf to another color and you're golden. 

- Speaking of "golden," we can dip, spray or paint any squash, acorn or pinecone in gold glitter and it's the perfect fall decoration. So easy! 

- Little, tiny, baby pumpkins are one of the cutest veggies you'll ever see...Wait, is a pumpkin a vegetable? Is it a fruit? Does anyone even know the real answer to this question?

Basically I've been in love with fall since my world started turning and I'll always feel that way when October rolls in each year. If the world wants to call me "basic" for this, I'll be basic, but...like autumn trees to colorful leaves, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. 

Shake it off, ah, Shake it off.