Goodbye to Summer | Bucket List Review

Fall is officially in the house, people! Time to bust out the pumpkin decor and Autumn scentsy blocks! I'll probably be spending my afternoon getting into the season here at my place, so be sure to check back for those posts later this week. However, I did want to check in with my Summer bucket list and see the things I accomplished, and what I'll have to "rollover" for next year:

1. BAKE + DECORATE A CAKE  - Although I wanted to get a bit more extravagant with it, I did check this one off the list rather quickly right before our friend's Justin + Steven's combination birthday celebrations. They weren't too happy about sharing one cake. Definitely have to make two next year!

2. SEE A PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL GAME - I'll have to try again next year for this one. 

3. HOST A BBQ - I'm going to give myself a check-minus on this one. We set out to have a barbecue for Labor Day, and ended up being lazy, ran to Dickey's and got some of the best BBQ around. So, barbecue did get eaten, with friends, just not exactly how I intended it. 

4. FLIP A THRIFT ITEM - I actually have a super-thrifty project for you all later this week, so come back and see what I'm making as part of my Falloween-decor. 

5. GO ON A ROAD TRIP  - We took a nice little 5 hour drive down to San Antonio, TX and three days later, drove all the way back. Almost like having two mini road trips in one. 

6. PAINT A CANVAS - I actually totally forgot about this one, or I would have. Just slipped through the cracks. Maybe I'll have one prepared before we move into a new apartment (this January. More on that, later). 

7. CREATE A FAMILY CALENDAR - Instead of buying anything, I used what we already had. Our large chalkboard (DIY project from earlier this year) in the kitchen has served as the perfect place for all of our event reminders. At the end of every month, I just erase the words and write in new ones. 

8. UPDATE FRAMED PICTURES - I actually fixed this issue by getting rid of some of the empty frames. We did have a bit too many, so I narrowed it down to some favorites and added in some of my favorite images from our wedding. Easy-peasy. 

9. WATCH A MOVIE PREMIERE AT MIDNIGHT - Man of Steel may just have to be my last midnight premiere. Apparently, I'm way too old (at 23) to enjoy such a thing. I fell asleep and missed about 20 minutes or so. I'll have to catch those lost minutes on Redbox when it's released. 

10. PICK BERRIES AT A LOCAL FARM - Didn't get around to this one either :(

7 out of 10 isn't so bad, right? I must say, I loved the things I did this Summer, but I am SO GLAD my favorite season is here! I may just wear a sweater and go out for some coffee before the decorating begins this afternoon. Hope you all have fun decorating for Fall today too!