photos | senior katy

I was so glad I got to have a photo shoot with Katy. At the beginning of our shoot, she let me know that she doesn't really like taking pictures because she doesn't know what to do. Well, I'd say she did quite alright (understatement of the year). She's so photogenic and has the most beautiful smile. It's contagious. 
While we were shooting at the ag building at her school, a goat tried to break free from his pin and escape. 
Katy has to catch him. It was pretty hilarious...after we got him safely pinned back. 
Her best friend Jaci stopped by to get a few fun pictures together. 
Did I mention we shot these on Katy's birthday? Yes, she spent her birthday afternoon with me! Hopefully it was a good memory. 
I can't wait to share the rest of the pictures of you, girl. They're beautiful!

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