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Recipe: Faux Fuzzy's Fish Tacos

I must preface this post by saying that I've never even had a fish taco from Fuzzy's, I always order chicken or beef. But, yesterday when I was trying to come up with something for dinner, I realized I only had tilapia in my these Fuzzy-ish fish tacos were concocted with what I had.
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1. Coat skillet with olive oil. 2. Cook tilapia on both sides. 3. Add finely chopped jalapeño. 
4. Crush cooked tilapia with fork + add chopped cilantro. 5. Squeeze lime over the mix. 6. Add canned corn. 

Serve over a warmed corn tortilla + top with picante sauce and feta cheese crumbles. 
As you can tell by my non-detailed instructions, I don't really measure things unless I'm following a recipe online or baking goodies. With all the imprecision, I ended up having enough mix for 7-8 tacos. It could be extended depending on the amount of mix put on each tortilla. I used 4 tilapia + 1/2 a jalepeno + 1 cilantro bundle + 1 lime + 1/2 can of corn. 
This dinner is really budget-friendly & (my) husband-approved. I give it two thumbs way up myself!
All I needed was some of Fuzzy's amazing queso blanco + tortilla chips as a side. That would have made it even better. 

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