Dirt Cheap Shopping

This is one of those secret places that you're so proud to have found and you, selfishly, don't want to share with anyone because it's so awesome that you want to keep to yourself! Well, I'm opening pandora's box here and letting you in on a BIG secret of mine - Dirt Cheap. 

Dirt Cheap stores purchase overstock, returns, out of season and salvaged items from some of your favorite places to shop (ie: Target) and sells them to you at the absolutely lowest prices you'll ever see. Sometimes the packaging on the products is a little dinged up (or maybe it's missing), but it's what's on the inside the counts, right? These discounts are worth looking beyond a not-so-perfect package! 


In the aisles and aisles of clothing goodness, you'll see that each piece has a price tag with a large letter printed beside the QR code. Look to the skies and find the giant yellow clothing price chart hanging from the ceiling. It's your BFF when you're looking through the clothes! The tag letter coordinates to an additional percentage off the item.

In the example below, the shirt was marked $7 and labeled with an "E." Therefore, the shirt was an additional 60% off that day and would have only cost $2.80. Yep! That's it. The letters change categories daily. One day it could be an additional 80% off and the next it could be priced as marked. Choose your letters wisely! 


The rest of the space in Dirt Cheap is dedicated to home products and decor items. Usually each aisle has signs designating any price specifications for those items. For instance, books are all priced the exact same $1.99, while across the aisle items may each have a tag of their own with a specific price. 

So there's no confusion before you make your way to check out, they have an app your can use to scan and price every item in the store. You can download it on the iTunes app store or Google Play. Sometimes items are even more discounted than you first thought! 

So, what kind of products do they have? I think "all kinds" would be a correct answer, but I frequently see Claire's jewelry, Kohl's, David's Bridal and all Target brands (even Cat & Jack and Victoria Beckham).

One of the crazier trips I had recently, I found a Threshold outdoor rug (in perfect condition) and it just so happened to be the same one I had sitting in my Target.com shopping cart. You really never know what you'll see.

If you're a little weary about purchasing a product, especially when it's packaging may be a bit beat up, there's a testing table near the back to plug in electronics and make sure they're good to go before buying. Just unbox and test for yourself. 

No matter what I have luck finding on any given day, rest assured that Dirt Cheap's toy aisles are going to be full of toys! It always feels like I'm in Toy Land when I pass them by. For you parents that are constantly buying gifts for birthday parties or awaiting Christmas holidays, it's so worth looking around and stocking up. 

Here's a video of a recent trip to Dirt Cheap with my mom and sister, if you're interested in what it looks like inside:

Find a location near you and go check it out one day soon. If you're a deal hunter like myself, you will absolutely LOVE the thrill of the chase.