$100 IKEA Dormspiration

As I feel every year, I'm so excited (and jealous) of anyone getting ready to move into a college dorm this fall. I think it's such a fun time to decorate, become who you truly are, meet lifelong friends. Ahh. Take me back!

While dorm shopping can get a bit expensive, having a game plan and buying bigger eye-catching pieces can transform those little blank rooms without spending way too much. Here's a few ways to transform a dorm room for $100, shopping at IKEA:



Duvet Set $30 | Lace Curtains $13 | Shower Curtain $8 | Hand Towel $5
Desk Lamp $15 | Small Rug $15 | Cushion Cover $11 | TOTAL: $97

Try not to overdue the dorm shopping! I think my mom and I went down every aisle of a grocery store and picked up every single thing we saw that first weekend before college. I think the thought process is, but "you MAY need this...and that...and this." Only get the true necessities and anything else can always be purchased later on. Or, you'll find out you didn't really need all those things in the first place.