Rent The Glam Prom Dress

It's prom season around here and I know many are still on the hunt for that perfect dress. As I remember it, prom shopping was a fun idea that turned into a stressful situation. Trying to stay on budget was not easy. As much as you want to keep extending it because "you'll totally be able to sell the dress afterwards..." Try telling that to the four prom dresses still tucked away in closets in my parent's house! For the few my sister and I were able to sell, it certainly wasn't anywhere near the original price. If Rent the Runway had been around when I was in school, I would have had a lot less to stress about: Rent, Wear, Return, Done!

For those of you looking for a super glam dress ready for the red carpet, here are some of my favorite Rent The Runway dresses (with movie star vibes) for around $100: 

pamella by pamella roland | Crimson Shine Gown | $95 – $125 Rental


Badgley Mischka | Peacock Gown | $95 – $140 Rental


ML Monique Lhuillier | Castle Gown | $75 – $100 Rental


Badgley Mischka | Night at the Oscars Gown | $90 – $120 Rental


Badgley Mischka | Flourish Gown | $75 – $115 Rental


Badgley Mischka | Ombre Astor Gown | $100 – $150 Rental


Jill Jill Stuart | Sapphire Sweetheart Gown | $75 – $90 Rental


Halston Heritage | Bronze Flow Gown | $55 – $75 Rental


Badgley Mischka | Red Sweetheart Off Shoulder Gown | $95 – $110 Rental


Through Rent The Runway, you get to choose two sizes (in case one doesn't fit) and you don't have to worry about dry cleaning them afterwards. Plus, it doesn't have to go into the depths of your closet and waste away gathering dust. Keep that closet minimal, friends!

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