Bathroom Declutter

We're officially on the house hunt and hope to move from our apartment sometime in the next few months. To get a head-start on packing, I'm decluttering our belongings room-by-room. The less we have to pack, the less we have to move, right? Plus, I'm trying so hard to learn to live with less overall. #Minimalism

The bathroom is mostly a place of necessity, so a lot will have to be packed closer to our move and immediately unpacked at our new place. Daily makeup, hair products, toilet paper, shower gel, etc. are all still pretty much sitting around across our countertop and in our linen closet. 

While a lot is still out, there's some things I've decided to permanently part with (especially excess) as I continue my decluttering journey:

  • POLISH - My precious, large nail polish collection was becoming a bit much. 30+ of all the colors on the spectrum and I rarely ever paint my nails (I really don’t even have nails half the time because I’m a stress biter). The quantity was highly unnecessary. I kept the four neutral Miracle Gel colors I have, along with their top coat. 
  • MEDS - I had so many containers of expired over-the-counter medicines and vitamins! Probably no longer safe to ingest, but certainly taking up a lot of shelf space. The FDA has a large guide to disposing of medicines if you're unsure of what to do with yours. 
  • SUNSCREEN - Somehow, I've collected over six containers of sunscreen and 4 bottles of burn relief. I think every vacation we’ve gone on, I’ve bought a new set. I kept one lotion sunscreen, one spray sunscreen and one aloe spray and shared the rest with my family. 
  • MAKEUP - If it doesn’t go on my face on a daily basis, it had to go. I had tons of empty containers nestled in with the new ones, filling my drawers. Why!? My makeup brushes were also getting out of hand, so I decided to keep one complete set (Sonia Kashuk's Knock Out Beauty) and clear out the rest. 
  • TOWELS - You know when towels are getting old and then they're accidently left in a washing machine and they get "that" smell that never goes away, no matter how many Pinterest fixes you try? Yeah, I'm cutting those up and using as washcloths (for cars, outdoor furntirue, etc).