Temporary Home

Our house hunt saga get a little crazier every single day it seems. We've been under the impression (due to several meetings with apartment complex personnel) that we'd be able to continue living in our apartment at a higher month-to-month rate after our March 31 lease was over. It was nice having a complex that understood the unknowns of house hunting and being loyal to us as three-year residents.

Well, that seems not to be the case anymore.

In January, we were asked to sign a Notice to Vacate, but also check back in with them 30 days before our lease ended, let them know how the house hunt was going and confirm whether or not we'd need more time. So, that's what we did...only to be met with two "so very sorry" people who explained to me that my unit has been rented out. They've rented our home to someone else and there's absolutely nothing they can do about it. But, again, "so very sorry." 

Friends, not only are we now having to continue the exhaustive journey of looking for a house to buy, but now we'll be looking for a temporary roof to put over our heads in the meantime. 

Trying to see the glass half full, I decided it'd be great to rent a smaller apartment while we're on our house hunt. "We'll save so much money," I thought. Or not. I called 15 nearby complexes on the day our apartment broke this news to me. Even downsizing over 600 square feet, we'll be spending just the same on rent as we are now. Plus, our furniture will just be piled up like mountains in the lack of living space.

I think I'm laughing constantly to keep myself from crying. I mean, this will all be super funny three years from now, right? 

This week, I'll be collecting boxes, buying up all the colorful duct tape and organizing for a move that is happening so much sooner than I was prepared for. 

Any favorite moving tips and tricks will be greatly appreciated.

3 weeks until move-out. Here we go.