Southern Vocabulary

There's no denying my Texas roots as soon as I open my mouth. Most of the time, I forget how strong my accent really is, until I meet someone new (especially in another state). Then, I realize how strange it probably is to them. This is also the reason I may never be brave enough to have a Youtube channel!

What you may not know, if you're not from around here is: not only is my Texas accent strong, but my East Texan is even stronger. I don't sound like Dallasites. Even these folks with a southern drawl of their own know I'm from somewhere a little countrier. I've embraced it and it's just my thing. In my college dorm, I was called a Southern Belle and at my current job we constantly make jokes when we need a video voiceover or to make a callout...I always "volunteer"...followed by lots of laughter. 

Besides saying most words with a few more syllables than those around me, I also say a few weird phrases and words in my daily vernacular. Here's some of the ones I now know arent' really used across the country. 

Also known as dinner, supper/suppertime is the last meal of the day. 
eg: "What are we going to have for supper tonight?" 

Nope, not the kind that is pulled by a horse. This is the rolling cart that you trek through Target and your local grocery store with. I said this once at work and no one in the room knew what I was talking about. Oops!
eg: "Will you go grab a buggy for us and meet me by the oranges?" 

I know a lot of people say this to be funny or sarcastic, but I think I genuinely use it in a more literal sense most of the time. It's usually in a sympathetic tone. 
eg: "I cannot believe that happened to her. Oh my gosh. Bless her heart." 

This is something my husband likes to call a tv "remote control." I always remember knowing that was its technical term, but growing up, we only used "clicker." 
eg: "Can you reach over there and hand me the clicker?"

The equalivalent to "soda" that includes absolutely any carbonated beverage. Coca-Cola, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, etc. etc. 
eg: "Want a coke from the fridge?" "Sure." "What kind?" "Dr Pepper."

This was just about the closest we got to cussin' in my household growing up. You only use this phrase when you are very very very upset or hurt.
eg: *steps on a lego in bare feet* "DADGUMMIT!"

This truly comes from growing up in a very small city, where there weren't any/many stores or places to shop. When we "went to town," we were simply just traveling to a bigger city where we could buy things. 
eg: "Let's go to town in the next few days and get some new clothes." 

This is when you're just wasting some time, finding things to do and not necessarily trying to complete a specific task. 
eg: "Where's Dad?" "He's out just piddlin' in the backyard." 

This is really the only acceptable form of tea. Cold, iced and full of delicious sugar. 
eg: "Do you have any sweet tea?" 

To fall or tip over.
eg: "Toddlers are hilarious. They try to walk and tump right over."

Anyone that has a lot of money and looks down on others or treats others differently according to their financial situation. 
eg: "I walked into that uppidy restaurant and immeditely felt out of place ." 

Kind of a given, since I use it on the blog and social media all the time. I don't know how any of y'all get away with not having that beautiful contraction in your daily vocab. It's you + all. Completely necessary in pretty much any and every conversation!
eg: "Y'all want to go to the football game with me next weekend?" 

PS: Just in case any of you Norther folk were curious, I've never owned a pair of cowboys boots, nor a horse, y'all.