Wrap Up | Week 10

Wrapping up the week with photos, inspiration and fun things from my own life and around the web.


Last weekend kicked off with a baby shower. Totally obsessed with my beautiful friend and her ability to look absolutely flawless with her cute little bump. The celebrations continued throughout the week with my Gran's birthday (talk about throwback OOTD) and National Pancake Day with Coach (our fav). Our apartment is in a constant state of "hot mess" as I begin decluttering, minimizing and packing for our eventual move. Lastly, if you find a bright white wall on your way home, you take note of said wall. Never know when you'll need it for a shoot!



This is what we needed. This is What. We. Needed. If you haven't seen this viral video of kiddos busting through the door of their father's serious interview on BBC, please go watch it now. From that little girl's dancing strut in to the woman crawling to shut the door at the end, I was rolling. It is just magical. 

Watch it on BBC's Twitter. 


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