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2017 Target Christmas Haul

2017 Target Christmas Haul

This may be the least I've ever purchased during one of my Christmas clearance hauls at Target. *applause all around* Going along with my word of the year - curate - I knew I couldn't go buy out the store, like the usual hypocrite I'd love to be.

I stuck to useful things, especially things that I can use now and not just next Christmas. I know exactly what place I'll put each and every decoration, the clothes will definitely be worn and the other items are all useful to me or someone in my life right now. Not going to lie, definitely patted myself on the back for my restraint. 

70% Off | Friday, Dec. 29, 2017


Stainless water bottles and hot/cold tumblers. I’ve been overhauling our kitchen cabinets. Getting rid of glass and all the hodge podge and getting some things that are a little more sleek and will last us for the long-haul. 


Holiday clothes. I truly dress like an elf the entire month of December, so some of these outfits will be great for work next year. My sister does the same, so she got a dress and leggings as well. The black dress was perfect for NYE and future fancy events. 

Ornaments. I have a vision for our permanent living room Christmas tree and it’s that it is just COVERED in silver and gold ornaments of all varieties. Robots, letters, disco balls, shapes, whatever. Whenever I can add to that goal, I'm golden. 


Decorations. The mistletoe banner is perfect for the space between our stockings and the gold mistletoe will fit right over our front door. The vintage lights were such a perfect find for our sentimental tree. It needed some lights and these were the perfect match. Speaking of my sentimental tree, I found one for my sister! It was a display, so no box, but you can’t beat a tree that’s less than half its original price! 


The rest. The few other items I lucked into at 70% off are good for the daily basis (minus the Scrabble pieces, which were just a perfect find for my Gran). 


90% Off | Monday, Jan. 1, 2018

Because all (or most) of the Target stores went to 90% off on New Year's Day this year, I actually wasn't in the Dallas area and didn't get the chance to hit up several stores and get all my shopping done before 10 a.m. like I usually would (I always find out when it hits 90%, thanks to All Things Target). Meaning, there wasn't a ton left when I got back to Dallas that evening. Bah hum bug. I missed out on getting a tree for my work office, which I was most bummed about, but I did do pretty well with some of the leftovers I found. 


Ornaments. I snagged a few more neutral/gold ornaments for our living room tree. It's really hard to turn down anything at $0.30 y'all, but I did my best. The fuzzy letter ornaments are for my mother-in-law. The only letter she couldn't find is an M, so I'm going to attempt to DIY one with the H and N. We'll see!


More Holiday Clothes. A few more pieces to add to my sister and my collections for winter. I cannot wait to rock that poinsettia blazer next December and wear those comfy trailer pajama pants (those may not even make it into storage). 


Work Office. While I did miss out on finding a tree for our office, I did find a few things for my job, now and later. Grabbed some pink stockings for work. We only have blue, so thought I'd change it up with some pink. Mousepads that say "I need a day between Saturday and Sunday" because that sentiment could not be more true. Napkins for the kitchen (always need more of those) and headphones because I always forget/lose mine and could use another pair to keep in my desk. 


Decorations. We have a best friend overseas and we're missing him more than ever this year. No worries, we now have him in nutcracker decor form! I got one for us and one for our other friends' house.The dollar spot bottle brush trees I found are actually pretty big, opposed to the super teeny-tiny ones I got last year, so they had to come home with me too. 


Wrapping Paper. As usual, I got tons of wrapping paper to donate to next year's Angel Tree. Instead of buying the small/thin rolls with trademarked characters, I only got the thick kind. More paper per roll, means more wrapped gifts!


Hearth & Hand. These floor pillows from Hearth & Hand were originally $50, but I got them for $5 each. Probably the coolest find of them all! I've really been needing some extra seating with all our wood floors and those are perfect. 


So, how do I do those holiday hauls anyway? 
Check out this post, where I break it down.

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