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Christmas Card 2017

Christmas Card 2017

I had a lot of aspirational intentions this year...and yet, I still ended up panic-purchasing a couple gifts on Christmas Eve and shoving a hidden pile of holiday cards into the mailbox the day after Christmas. You know what? It happens. 

Late or not, I wanted to share this year's Christmas card that some people received on time and some people may get right before the calendar flips over to 2018. 


The photo I chose for the front is from our fifth wedding anniversary photo shoot with Alison Faith Photography in Tyler, Texas. We hit up a Whataburger, as we do, (I'll share those in the future) and walked around the Azalea Trail neighborhood for the rest. They turned out beautifully. The way Alison captures light is just envy-worthy. She is wonderful at it!


We created our cards in Amazon Prints again this year, where they had this minimalistic rose gold and white template. I loved the simplicity, especially with our photos being so colorful with the greens and blues of our clothes, the changing leaves in the background and, of course, my bright red hair. 


For the back, we used a black and white image of us with moving boxes when we first got our home. We used the back text area to share the news we moved and included our new, permanent address. 


The U.S. Postal Service had the cutest set of stamps this year from a childhood favorite book, The Snowy Day. I may actually have to buy several more before they go away and just use them for all the Christmases to come because they are just the sweetest little illustrations. 


If you got your cards out on time, high five.
If you're like me and didn't, double-high five. 

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