An American Royal Wedding

I'm not real big on keeping up with the royal family. It's just not something I admire on a daily basis and I don't normally pay attention to their whereabouts. However, when these momentous occasions beckon, I can't help but get on board as well. I mean, I did grow up with the dream of living the life of Mia Thermopolis, princess of Genovia. Plus, I always think our world needs more unifying pep rallies. If the whole planet wants to get excited about something, I'm here to rally too.

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The last time I caught some of this Royal Fever was at the last royal wedding, of course. My college roommates and I woke up from our slumber to gather around the living room tv, hot tea in mugs, to watch the festivities. It was a lot easier to wake up then! The grandeur of it all is so impressive and it's just a fun thing to witness live, especially with your best friends. 

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But, THIS was our American princess' wedding, so, I had big plans for this one. Well, I wish I did. The timing of this event could not be any less conducive to my schedule. It's a pity that they didn't check with me on this, honestly. I would have made a hat, y'all!

Anyway, it was a long week (in an absurdly-busy month) and I knew all I really had time for was setting an alarm for 4 a.m. and hoping I would stumble upon the remote control. Success. I got up at four, like I planned, and went into the living room solo. I snuggled up with a blanket, flipped on the tv and saw The Clooneys making that long trek to the ceremony.

Amal. Was. Gorgeous. And, that's the last thing I remember. zzz.

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It wasn't until I woke up a couple hours later that I saw the newlyweds leaving the church in their horse-drawn carriage. I missed literally every single moment. I knew I could catch all the big moments online...bits and pieces here and there. Luckily, my mom sent over the video of the ceremony in its entirety through Youtube. I really wanted to get the full effect, not just the highlight reel. So glad I did. 

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This. Wedding. Was. Everything.

From the guest list (Idris, Oprah, the Clooneys, the Beckhams, Serena), the veil that never ends, the floral arches of all floral arches, the simplicity of Meghan's glam, sweet Doria Ragland's nose ring and happy tears, the tiny children in their cute wedding ensembles, the fire dropped by the Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, The Kingdom Choir singing "Stand By Me," the loving looks the couple were giving each other, Sheku Kanneh-Mason and all his cello magic, the kiss, "This Little Light of Mine," ALL OF IT. 

 BBC / screencapture via  Buzzfeed News

BBC / screencapture via Buzzfeed News

If we could all share in this sort of joy more frequently, that would be great. Let's do more of this, world. Also, am I currently binge-watching The Crown and anything and everything about the royal family I can get my hands on?

Of course I am.