Five Years

No big, romantic plans for us today. We'll barely see each other on this fifth wedding anniversary of ours. Life gets in the way of those special days sometimes.


Some folks tend start to fade at about this five year mark.  Probably because we're all different people than we were five years ago. 

We were really young when we met. The things we had in common included living in the same dorm. That's pretty much it. Proximity began our relationship.

And a little spark. 

Back then, we required a whole lot less sleep. We seemed to be at the movies constantly. Or hanging out with all our roommates. Work wasn't something we had to do a whole lot of. And studying was basically reserved for 2 a.m. There was plenty of time for taking walks in the park, holding hands, dreaming dreams and just staring at one another, planning a future. 

And so the spark grew. 

Then we walked down an aisle together and decided to be forever. And moving in together was tough sometimes. Sharing my time with a new coaching career wasn't always fun. I missed him. I missed my friends. I missed our little college town. 

But, the spark stayed. 

Now we have a home of own. Lots of things still need to be painted. The dishes pile up quickly, especially during this time of year. Neither of us gets to leave work when the work day is over, lately. We both find ourselves typing away into the late nights sometimes. Dinner doesn't get made when it should. We don't know what movies are on in the theaters. We haven't taken a walk in the park lately. 

But, sometimes, under the dim glow of a sitcom rerun, surrounded by clean laundry mountains on the floor, he places his hand in mine and sleepily tells me he loves me so much. And I melt. 

And the spark continues.