Wrap Up | Week 9

Wrapping up the week with photos, inspiration and fun things from my own life and around the web.


Lately, my phone is just full of snapshots I take for my husband as I stalk neighborhoods and visit homes that are for sale. We had a bit of a devastating blow to the house hunt with our second offer rejection this week. I really really really loved that house. But, we're looking up, moving on and visiting some new ones. Me under a pile of laundry is a pretty good indicator of how these days are going...but, my week ended by seeing my sweet friend and her cute baby bump, so it doesn't get any better than that! 



I can't believe it's already March. I'm in a constant state of November, I think. Anyway, it's here and it's time for all-things green. Luckily, (see what I did there?) I occasionally pin fun St. Patrick's Day foods, DIYs and activities all year round. 

St. Paddy's Day Board


» "Broken crayons still color." | pin it

» "The weirdest people are the best people." | pin it

» "Being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet. No one really knows how." | pin it