Wrap Up | Week 11

Wrapping up the week with photos, inspiration and fun things from my own life and around the web.


This was our Spring Break week! We kicked it off by traveling to East Texas for my childhood best friend's pretty wedding and then followed it up with a whole lot of nothing! Total #SpringBreakGoals, right? We actually did accomplish a lot, it's just all very boring. Taxes anyone?

I've been to IKEA and Target several times this week. Whenever my sister comes to visit, we must visit both of those and sometimes we take multiple trips, y'all. I didn't buy a whole lot, that's for sure. I'm busy cleaning OUT and decluttering our apartment. When we eventually move, I want to just take the necessities and things that bring us joy. Difficult, but I'm loving it. We've also continued our house hunt. Cross your fingers, friends, because we're continually submitting offers.  


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