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Flipped Man Cave

Flipped Man Cave

One of the first rooms you see when going down the hall in my sister's house has become a low-key Man Cave. This is the smallest of the three bedrooms and it seemed like the perfect little spot for video gaming and game watching!

Originally, the room was a pale blue with very old carpet. Besides the regular hall entry, it also had a doorway to the kitchen. For such a small space, having two doors didn't seem like the best idea (plus, that was taking away a lot of potential counter space in the kitchen). The door was closed in and helped out both rooms a lot!

Bethany and I had recently talked about how much we love the POÄNG chairs from IKEA. On a whim, we stopped by a local Salvation Army and JUST so happened upon these two semi-new beauties and their footstool counterparts. We basically got all four pieces for less than one new footstool costs. Total score! 

Instead of going in an all-out football/Dallas Cowboys theme, Bethany kept the room clean and neutral. The navies, grays and blacks all bring out the colors of our favorite team. On the wall is a large poster print of Jon during his last year of high school football (that I took).

Across the hallway from the Man Cave is the main bathroom. Our mom did an awesome job staining and cleaning the cabinets They look great paired with the new tile and gray paint job.

Flipped Bedrooms

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