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Flipped Bedrooms

My sister's "new" flipped home has 3 bedrooms overall. The smallest of the three has become a Man Cave for her husband Jon. Because of that, we totally had to girl-up the guest room to balance it all out, right? Besides the kitchen, this is probably my favorite spot in the house. 

When they got the keys, this place was sponge painted to the max! Beth and I are ALL about having light gray everywhere, so that's what the wall became soon after. They also added a new carpet and then the decorating could begin! 

My sister bought the white trundle bed from a friend and used pillows she's previously had in her living room (probably all purchased at Ross). The bedding is a jersey comforter from the back-to-college section in WalMart. Yes, a JERSEY comforter. Feels so comfy! The rug is from IKEA (not seeing it available on the website anymore). 

Although our parents made so much fun of us for buying a "hospital cart" from IKEA, we love this BYGEL cart for adding all the guest necessities. Along with towels, blankets and the wifi password (high priority, right?), it also has a jar filled with cute little travel-sized beauty products. 

Back-to-back to the guest room is the last bedroom. The funny thing about the setup of this home is it is nearly identical to the home we grew up in. The kitchen, living, two bedrooms and bathroom are all in identical locations to our parent's house. The only difference is that my parent's master is at the other end of the home (where this houses' garage is). It's funny to be in the same setup as where we lived for 15+ years!

My sister's master bedroom was equally as sponged as the guest bedroom! Gray paint saves the day again. This room also had a crack that had to be fixed before the new carpet could be put down. Not a huge snag, considering some of the horror stories we've watched on HGTV. 

Beth and I both like to keep our bedrooms very clean, white and minimal. I love how she added pictures from her beach wedding in place of a headboard. 

Right inside the master is a tiny little bathroom. Not ideal, but at least there's more than one in the entire house. It does have a door that rolls from inside the wall. Just like one of the bathrooms in my parents house. Must have been a cool thing in the 40's!

Flipped Kitchen

Flipped Kitchen

Flipped Man Cave

Flipped Man Cave