A Living Room Update

There's something that makes a home feel a little better once the holidays are all over. It's like it can breathe again! I love love love Christmas, but once it all got boxed up and put away it always gives me the extra boost to clean, declutter and freshen up the house.

Not a whole lot has changed in my living room since I shared it in September. A few little decor items have been rearranged and I've taken away a coffee table and added the faux-wood to the fireplace. Other than that, it's basically the same. It was finally spotless this weekend, so I snapped some pictures while the sun was up!


  • All that black and white! I think everything in the room that are those colors caught my eye at IKEA and I've finally added them all to my collection. 
  • Check out all that space! With so much drama over where to put the tv, I'm glad we decided to mount it and saved a ton of walking space. 
  • Our gray couches. They're still holding up and going strong with those cheap-o "legs." The cushions definitely a little fluffing and flipping every once in a while, I still love my KIVIKS.


All Frames - IKEA RIBBA, Floor Lamp - IKEA ALΓ„NG, Cross Pillow - Target (N/A), Couches - IKEA KIVIK  + Bed Risers (DIY), Striped Throw -IKEA EIVOR, Rug -IKEA LAPPLJUNG RUTA, Black and White Pillow - IKEA STOCKHOLM, Yellow Pillows - IKEA ULLKAKTUS, Side Table - Side of the Road + White/Gold Paint + Hobby Lobby Knobs (similar), Faux Plant - IKEA Table Lamp - Ross (N/A). 


  • The little snowflakes above the couch are going to need to be replaced soon. Spring has practically sprung here in Texas (yep...in January) and snow seems a little foreign. 
  • More candles: Candles everywhere! Whether to make them or buy them is the current question. We'll have to wait and see!
  • Possibly adding a coffee table. I'm kind of addicted to how much bigger the area looks without one right now. I do miss having a spot for my coffee mugs near my chaise though!


Essential Oil Diffuser - Young Living, Faux Plants - IKEA, Pink Serving Tray - Target (N/A), Entertainment Storage - IKEA (Unknown Shelf) + IKEA BESTΓ… Legs + Dollar Tree Contact Paper (similar), All Photo Frames - IKEA (Γ…SARNARIBBANORRLIDA), "Love" Print -Maiedae Shop, Cork Hashtag - Target (N/A), Arrow Marquee - Target (similar), Faux Wood Pile - IKEA Fabric (DIY), Burlap Pillows - Handmade by a Friend, Yellow Pouf - Target (similar)

Are you getting a jump on Spring cleaning/freshening too?