Sweet Addison Olivia

I talk about bloggers all the time in my home. I refer to them as my "blog-friends" and my husband listens and probably thinks I'm a bit crazy talking about these strangers I don't actually know. One of those blog-friends of mine is Stephanie from Vintage Modern Wife. She's a Texas blogger and I've always loved reading her life over the past few years!

On a whim, during a work trip near where she lives a couple weeks ago, I decided to see if Stephanie and her sweet daughter Addison would like to meet me and my camera. I'm so thankful they did...and that the NICU allowed me in. 

There are two things I learned at the hospital that afternoon.

ONE: Addison is a brave little fighter, while being a sweet princess at the same time.

TWO: Addison is so well loved by her parents and so so so many nurses, doctors, family and friends. 

Addison is currently in her 4th surgery of her young life and she and her family could use your prayers of protection, comfort and peace this morning. Stephanie does a great job of keeping family, friends and blog friends updated through her instagramtwitter and facebook page. Please check up on this sweet girl and send your best wishes. I know her parents can't wait to finally bring her home soon!


Stephanie's Facebook at 11:20 a.m. "Addie is safely out of surgery and recovering. She looks beautiful without tape."