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An Autumn Terrarium

An Autumn Terrarium

I am currently terrarium-obsessed on Pinterest, but I haven't ventured out to making my own yet. Mostly because I pretty much believe that I will even kill a succulent (Also, "succulent" is my least favorite word. No idea why, just don't like it). I do not have the greenest of thumbs. 

Anyway, I wanted to create a Autumn-inspired terrarium-of-sorts to decorate my home with lately and I made a bit of a silly/faux/pumpkin one. 



Layer rocks, candy pumpkins, rocks and candy corn in a pretty vase (mine is from Goodwill).


Find one of the smallest little pumpkins that your grocery store offers and add it on top of the layers.


Add a few pieces of fake greenery to the top. I plucked pieces from one of my many FEJKA plants from IKEA. 

It's a little fun and a little silly, but I love the way the pumpkin looks like it's "growing" from its own little patch. 

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Happy Halloween Night

Happy Halloween Night

My Little Work Cave

My Little Work Cave