Yummy Vanilla Crème Peeps

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As Easter winds down for another year, we all know what tomorrow brings...CLEARANCE CANDY WEEK! Let me tell you this, folks: These new limited edition peeps are about to change yo life. Okay, so maybe not, but they are super delicious. I'm not a big "peep" person myself, but I saw these in Target the other day and gave it a whirl. 

Does anyone remember those amazing Dunkaroos we used to eat as kids? The cinnamon cookie sticks with sprinkled frosting dip? Yeah! That's what these remind me of: Dunkaroos icing in marshmallow-form = deliciouso! 

So, when you're out browsing the 75% off candy aisles this week (or, just perusing on Amazon*), don't forget my delicious recommendation. These, a couple cadburys and a box of robin eggs could do us all some good sometimes. Happy candy-week!