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Sulphur Springs | Campout

If you know my immediate family at all, you know that our idea of "the great outdoors" better involve a palm tree, hammock, salty waves and a nearby cruise ship. We don't do "camping," but we did our best this week. Our big Spring Break campout involved a 700-square foot cabin, electricity and sleeping in warm beds. We totally roughed it, though. No tv? No wifi? Scarce cell service? SO roughing it. 

We stayed at Cooper Lake State Park, where our cabin would have normally be on the water's edge. The lakes are so low right now, though, so it was a little bit of a walk. We could definitely use a rainy Texas Spring, preferably with more raindrops and less storms.

We've never gone fishing together, so we gave that a go (after driving an hour, round-trip, for bait. Literally, one hour). Not a single bite...but, what were we expecting in 5 inches of water? Did I mention the lakes are really low? L-O-W. 

Cooper Lake is right outside of Sulphur Springs, Texas, which is a central location for my parents, my sister and I. We went downtown and did some exploring of the Sulphur Springs hot spots, which included their beautiful courthouse (which reminds me of my adopted-hometown that I miss so much: Denton). 

A Sulphur Springs claim to fame is their glass bathrooms on the square. In the bathroom (like, while you're using it) you can see out of the glass, but no worries: no one can see in, it's all mirror-like! Kind of creepy and weird, but totally cool. 

Just about a mile away from the creepy bathroom on the square is the The Southwest Dairy Museum, a history-preserving homage to dairy. Any excuse for ridiculous cow-portraits and ice cream! 

While driving through any town, if you see a kid selling lemonade, you STOP! These brothers had the cutest little stand and had signs scattered throughout the neighborhood to promote their 50¢ beverages. They were raising money for their Summer church camp and were so sweet. 

It's always fun to have some kind of Spring Break getaway, even if it is just a cabin in the woods!

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