Old Spice Man + A Loofah

I've always wanted to do the couple's costume thing for Halloween, but had to find the perfect one for him to agree to! All the options I threw out seemed to be no-gos. 

Sunday, about 8 hours before our friend game night, we were still costume-less. I suddenly remembered pinning a costume last year from RAZIMATAZ and thought it was the cutest thing. After a little more "loofah" searching on Pinterest, I saw it!

This pin from Laurel Davis was just the cutest costume set! He liked the idea...I mean, what guy wouldn't want to be "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like?" The best match for a little loofah!

I'm not one to follow directions perfectly, but I did give this WikiHow article a good read-over before creating my own version of a life-size loofah. I purchased all my supplies from Wal*Mart (although, it took me three Wal*Marts before I found one with a fabric section. Guess they're doing away with them again!) I got 5 yards of red netting (near the tulle) for $1 each, safety pins + two bands of elastic in the craft section for around $4 total, camping rope in the outdoor section for $2 and a little red loofah was in my checkout line, so I had to get it too. I also used some pipe-cleaners that I already had at home.

1. Make a circular elastic band for your chest and another for your waist. Secure ends with a safety pin. 2. Cut fabric into 1x2ft strips (more or less, I didn't measure). 3. Roll up the netting and wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle of each net-piece and trim extra. 4. Fluff up each netting piece. 5. Using safety pins, secure each netting piece to the elastic bands. 6. Braid 3 long pieces of the camping rope together, then loop and safety pin towards the side of the chest-band. 7. Wear a shirt the same color as your netting. 8. Place one netted-band around your chest. One around your waist. Voilร : Costume. 

I only had enough netting for half of each of my bands...full in the front, empty on the back. I really underestimated the amount of netting I would need. If you want a 360-loofah, you better buy at least 10 yards. 13 would be best. 

As for the husband's costume: super easy! I had to go buy some Old Spice body wash ($4) since we didn't have any, but the rest of the costume was all in our home. 

All you need, besides the manly body wash, is a white (or another neutral color) towel, slip-on shoes and a cardigan or sweater to tie around the chest. He did wear some white shorts underneath the towel and we used a few safety pins to hold the towel up. Voilร : Costume. 

Super simple. Super cheap. Super cute. Not too bad for our first couples costume on our first married Halloween!

We got to our friend's house for the party and were greeted by Superman, Pocahontas, Adventure Time Jake and a giant hot dog. Hot dog Toby was a little camera-shy, but we got in a few pictures showing off his costume.

Later when more friends arrived, we chowed down on pizza, wings and plenty of candy. We got into our usual game-play mode and the yelling and fun times began. 

Our friend's students hosted a haunted house fundraiser. Everyone was game for such an adventure, but me (of course). They talked me into walking through the first hallway. The plan was, to walk the entire way staring at my feet and hold hands...but the noises got to me before I even saw anything.

With the sound of a chainsaw, I made a quick exit. My poor husband came along with me and missed out on all the "fun." I don't enjoy being scared. Doesn't give me a rush I want to feel. Haunted houses, scary movies, etc. are not for me.

I hope you all had a great Halloweekend! 

Can't wait to see all of your costumes throughout the week.