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San Antonio | Road Trip

San Antonio | Road Trip

Mark another one off the Summer Bucket List! My sister, her boyfriend, Coach and I all took a road trip to Central Texas last weekend. We nearly cancelled the trip about a million times because it was around July 4th (and traffic could have been madness), but it all worked out. Only one hour delay on our way home. Not too bad for a holiday. On our way there, we stopped on random shoulder-roads (for jumping jacks, of course), museums in Waco and Tyler's in Austin...and a few HEB's for road trip snacks and such. 


When we finally arrived (6-ish hours later) and got settled into our hotel, we spent the evening in San Antonio, browsing the strip around the Alamo. We even went and explored the mission, itself, so my history-buff-Dad would be really proud. Can't use a camera in the building, though...what a waste. 


Along the strip are tons of fun places like the Ripley's Odditorium and Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks. When I was in high school, some of the very few books I read, included the Ripley's Believe It or Not books. I love reading about the crazy and weird things that Ripley found in his lifetime. It sure is cool to see the stuff in-person too...and, come on: who can resist a wax museum?

Once we were finished with the museums, we went for a walk around the River Walk. I loved seeing all the tourists browsing the vendor tents and people riding in the tour boats. 

The next day, we made the drive to New Braunfels to float down the Comal River. The water was a bit on the cold side, but the sun was definitely hot enough to balance it me: I forgot the sunscreen on my legs and didn't realize it until 3 hours later. Despite that set-back, we had a great time on the river. I recommend using Texas Tubes. I think it was the perfect length to float and included a few fast-paced chutes. All I regret is the sunscreen-situation. I'd love to stay in one of the condos right on the riverbank. We could float on the river all day and walk right "home." Maybe next year!


So glad we got to spend a few days on another mini-vacay with my sister and Jon. It's become a tradition now, as this is our 2nd-annual! Remember Galveston last year?

Sprinkles Dallas ATM

Sprinkles Dallas ATM

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