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Shower | Sporty MVPs

Shower | Sporty MVPs

To celebrate the upcoming wedding of my god-brother Trent and his fiancé Rachel, I helped host a sports-themed couple's shower. Trent and Rachel were both collegiate athletes. He is now a high school coach and we wanted to fit that all into this shower.

Using jerseys, referee uniforms and sports memorabilia we decorated up the room (where we also hosted a Lumberjack + Jill shower just few months ago). 

On the menu were all kinds of game-day concession-stand foods: hot dogs, chili dogs, nachos, frito pies and popcorn. 

I can't throw a party without having a photo booth! With all the sports equipment we could find, we set up a table for items that guests could pose with. I used an app called


on the ipad, which was set up on a stand. Makes a really easy and fun way for guests to easily take their own pictures. 

Can't wait for their wedding later this summer!

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