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Olympic Trials

Olympic Trials

Over the weekend our eyes were glued to the TV for the Olympic Trials. I enjoyed both the swimming and gymnastics, but since our friend Steven was competing in the Track and Field trials, that was definitely our favorite. Steven was Coach's teammate during his track-running years at UNT and has been his roommate for the last 2 years (he'll also be a groomsman in our wedding). We were so excited that he qualified for the Olympic Trials in his race, the 400m hurdles!

After the qualifying round, Steven also made it to the semi-finals the next day, where he ran his last race. He ended his season being one of the top sixteen 400m hurdlers in our nation. Pretty cool stuff! We're so proud of what he has accomplished this year! 

To show him how proud, I whipped up some USA/Olympic Ring cupcakes to surprise him before he got home from Oregon. Luckily it's also July 4th week, so the baking aisle was full of the red, white and blue. First, he got a dozen funfetti cupcakes, the special holiday version. 

For the Olympic Ring cupcakes I had my roommate Crystal sort a bag of MM's by colors. Even though the brown isn't the true "black" that the rings calls for, these candies are the best option for some easy/quick Olympic Rings. 

Can't wait to give Steven a big hug. I've been a pretty proud friend over the weekend :)

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