The Lover Era

I will always appreciate being the same age as Taylor. From the girl with the guitar who would actually interact with her fans on Myspace (ummm. how cool?) to the woman headed into her thirties, ready to take on The Man, I’m here for all of it.


Much like any other album release, I was pressing play at the stroke of midnight…or, 11 p.m. central time. It had been a particularly long week at work and I fell asleep on the couch well before the first song even ended. Sometime during song 4, I woke up, furious at my sleepy eyes and the impossibility of staying awake to listen through the album in full. So, like a dedicated professional with a job to get up for, I got some zzz’s without listening. All I knew was it was bubble-pop-beautiful and I couldn’t wait for more.


Once I looped at the songs during my morning commute, work day and ride home, here’s the text I sent over to my sister and mom -

1. Forgot You Existed | A total bop. We’re not mad at ya, we just don’t care anymore.
2. Cruel Summer | Would have been the song of the summer if it had arrived any sooner. Luckily, it’s still hot outside and we can pretend it’s summer forever around here.
3. Lover | Ev.ver.ryyy.thing. May be my favorite romantic song of hers, ever. The video made tears roll down my face. I’m a mess.
4. The Man | The new anthem for anyone who works in an office and is seen as less-than because WOMAN. Needs to be blasting in all offices everywhere.
6. I Think He Knows | Makes you want to snap and dance.
7. Miss Americana | In true Taylor Swift fashion, a high school vibey song had to be included. #Relatable.
8. Paper Rings | This may be my absolute favorite song of all time. I want to dance. I want to sing. I need to do both on her tour. If just for this song, the ticket will be worth it.
9. Cornelia Street | Other slow one I’m sure I’ll appreciate sometimes.
10. Death By A Thousand Cuts | A lot cuter-sounding than you think from the title.
11. London Boy | She is totally in love with this man because he takes her all over his hometown…Also, this song begins with Idris Elba, enough said.
12. Soon You’ll Get Better | Holy moly. Be prepared to grab the tissues because crying will happen.