Galveston | Weekend

We love to find time for mini vacations with my sister and brother-in-law. As we get older, it's getting harder to schedule times that we can all have off work at the same time. Fortuntely, this year, we were able to venture down to the gulf for a quick weekend in Galveston. 


Where to Stay

Gaidos Seashore Inn has become our go-to for hotel stay. It has a great pool-side view of the ocean and a massive hot tub. It's paired up next to Gaido's restaurant, which we hear is great (but didn't get around to visiting).

The hotel is right on the seawall and within walking distance to plenty of restaurants. Pleasure Pier is about a mile away, but totally walkable (especially when you're looking for Pokemon). 


Where to Eat

1. Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co. - We know this one is a bit tourist-y, but you really can't say one bad thing about this food. Every kind of shrimp and fish we got was absolutely delicious. This location is right inside Pleasure Pier. 


2. Nick's Kitchen and Beach Bar - This place is attached to the pool area of our hotel. They had a great lunch menu (tacos for me) and great happy hour drink and appetizer options. 

3. Home Cut Donuts - We LOVE finding a good hometown donut shop. It's probably the most important part of any vacation. We loved this cute little spot with tiny barstools and that southern diner feel. 


4. Shrimp N Stuff - We actually only went to the parking lot because we were so full from breakfast we couldn't even make ourselves go in. My friends highly recommend, so I'm excited to go back and really try it out! 

What to Do

1. Walk Around - Pretty self explanatory. We didn't ever get in the ocean for a swim, but we sure walked up and down the seawall a lot. Plus, again, Pokemon. 

2. Rent a Four-Seater Bike - It's basically more of a tradition than an enjoyable experience at this point. The guys legs are too long to pedal without hitting their knees, so the ride is full of complaints...but, precious memories, right? 


3. Shop Around - My sister and I are bargain-hunters, so we were satisfied by looking around the local Goodwill, but there's tons of tourist shops and stores along the wall if you prefer to spend your dollars that way. 

4. Putt-Putt Golf - We drove over to the Magic Carpet Golf, which has become another tradition of ours. It was so hot outside, but we had  fun nonetheless. I am the only person that didn't get a hole-in-one, yet I won the whole game. Slow and steady wins the race, friends. 


5. Photos by the Ocean - Our guys love this part of vacation! Not. At. All. But, when we got all dressed up to eat, we had to get a few shots in. We walked over to the oceanside right around sunset and got some great photos. We didn't even stay very long, so it'd be pretty painless for the complainers *rolls eyes*. 

Let me know if make a quick weekend trip to Galveston too. I'd love to hear your recommendations so we can add more to our next trip!