Flipped Kitchen

The last room to share in my sister's flipped house in the kitchen. This one probably had the most dramatic change and I am in love with everything about it! The initial plan was to keep the old cabinets and give them a good cleaning, after a while it was clear that we just had to bite the bullet and extend the reno budget enough for new cabinets. 

Sometimes we don't understand things our Dad does, like leave a huge ledge of countertop across the bottom of the last cabinet. Fortunately, IKEA saved the day by having the perfect sized cart for this spot. Beth has filled it with Kuerig and coffee supplies.

A moment of pride for myself was helping pick out and create a economic backsplash for the kitchen. Quite a while ago, I saw Mr. Kate's post about fake brick walls and always thought it would be so cool for a kitchen someday. Well, It IS really cool for a kitchen. I think they purchased 3 fake brick panels, gave them a good coat or two of white and puzzle-pieced them into place. Once placed, the areas where two panels met needed a second coat, but after that the seams are virtually invisible.

Of all the spaces in this home, the kitchen had the most demo and reno going on. But, it also turned out to be my absolute favorite.

One of the biggest changes between the living room and kitchen was creating a more open concept. There was only a small door area between the two rooms at the time of move-in. By doubling that space, it allows for kitchen-dining-lounging conversations to be happening without anyone feeling secluded. Plus, whenever you can cook and watch tv at the same time, it's definitely a plus!

I'm sad there's no more rooms to share. And I'm also sad I'm stuck in an apartment, while my sister gets this awesome place. Ha! I'll just have to visit and live vicariously through her!

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