Bethany is a Grad

We've had a lot of big life moments going on lately, one of those being my sister's college graduation. She majored in Special Education and already had a job lined up before she crossed the stage. Although I'm unspeakably mad at her for leaving North Texas for East (another story for another day), I'm really excited for her first year as a career-lady!

Bethany and her friend Brittany have now shared 5 promotion/graduation ceremonies together (if only our parents had photographed any of our childhood, they'd have all those pictures too!) Kindergarten, 5th Grade, 8th Grade, high school (they were the Val + Sal) and finally college!

Of course, we had to give her blank cap a little makeover (the night before the ceremony). Using red, brown and green glitter paper, I free-hand cut an apple for the top of the cap. Once those pieces were all glued on, we placed white foam letters with her teacher-name. We could spot her from the stands, for sure!

Happy graduation, Bethany. Proud of you!