A Beachy Elopement


I have to admit, my little sister is pretty awesome. When she got engaged, she decided she didn't want a big wedding. She didn't want to walk down an aisle with 100+ people staring. She didn't want to have first dances. She didn't want all the wedding stuff. So...she didn't do it. *Gasps*

Just a few months after their engagement was official, parents, grandparents and siblings met at a beach house in Crystal Beach, Texas and hung out together as one big family. Of course, last-minute wedding touches were done, but we did have a lot of fun too. 

Just as the sun was creeping over the horizon the next morning, we all were getting dressed and ready in different rooms of the beach house. The original plan was to walk down to the water and have the ceremony by the waves. However, our house had such a beautiful backyard (and no other houses within view), we decided to have it all right there. 

Once we were all ready and the couple shared their first look, we headed downstairs and the ceremony began. The groom's niece had practiced being a flower girl for so long, but her poor little bare foot found what may have been the only grass-sticker in the yard. After a few tears, the show went on with her uncle carrying her in his arms, as she fulfilled her flowering duties. 

We had a lot of double-duties going on at this wedding. Dad walked Beth down the aisle, then officiated the wedding. Montrell was in the audience controlling the music. Mom held onto the rings until the exchange. And I was photographing the whole event, while trying not to cry with happiness. 

Four minutes later, surrounded by family (yes, I sure said "four minutes"), the couple kissed their way into a new way of life...together. 

While I spent a little time getting some pictures of the newlyweds in the ocean, the family was back at the beach house cooking up a delicious breakfast. 

We stuffed ourselves until we were full, then went and added in some cake.

A few hours of laughter, memories and more food led up to the signing of the marriage license and the couple driving off to Galveston Island. 

It was short. It was sweet. It was "them." And it was perfect.

Beach House: A Site to Sea | Photos: Savannah | Bakery: Patty Cakes |Custom Confetti: The Confetti Bar | Exit Clothes: Armor of God