A Bridesmaids Fun Shoot

I've mentioned how awesome my sister was at standing up for herself and not wanting all the wedding hooplah. The one real thing she missed, though, was having her friends stand beside her and take lots of cute pictures together on her big day. This regret turned into a fun opportunity for a photo shoot that we'll always remember...maybe you can have your cake and eat it too?

Bethany recently surprised me and her friends Brittany, Shyanne and Jaci with a cute little box, filled with a colorful necklace, bright lipstick, pictures of us and a little invitation to a bridesmaids photo shoot. 

We met in the woods behind the school we all graduated high school from. "The Nature Trail" is a great place for photos, but it's also where we all spent a lot of time running for cross-country and basketball. Lots and lots of running!

With me doing a little directing, our mom took all the group photos for us. 

Bethany and I took a super-weird portrait when we were younger, holding hands in a Lifetouch studio with the most serious expressions on our faces. We did our best to recreate! I have to find that photo soon!

A fun idea we saw on Pinterest was bridesmaids holding chalkboards with their friendship-meeting place written down. Ours would have been hospital, elementary school, hospital, elementary school, so we decided to change it up a bit. We wrote out the year we met Bethany. Way back in the 90's!

We were only shooting for about an hour, but we had the best time! I'm surprised we got any pictures that don't show us bursting into laughter, because that's definitely all we did the entire hour. That's the best part about old friends. We haven't all been together in the same place in years, yet we all immediately just picked up where we left off. 

Just because you choose to elope, or have a family-only ceremony doesn't mean you have to abanden some of the best parts of a wedding day. A month after Bethany and Jon were married, we had our bridesmaid shoot and it was just as awesome (if not better) than on a wedding day. 

Maybe us girls should do friendship shoots every year?